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Twenty contact hours (two Continuing Education Units) of continuing education are required every two years coinciding with the nurse's license renewal.


Clinical Informatics Center

The Clinical Informatics Center at South Plains College focuses on improving each student’s life through the use of technology. The CIC houses twenty computers, and five Virtual I.V.’s.


Virtual IV’s

The Clinical Informatics Center houses five adult Virtual I.V.’s, one of which may be transformed into an infant Virtual IV as needed. The Virtual I.V. is a comprehensive and fully interactive self-directed learning system for training intravenous catheterization. Powerful 3D graphics provide visual realism, while a state-of-the-art force feedback device accurately simulates the sense of touch for a truly immersive experience. Virtual patients respond with bleeding, bruising, swelling, as well as other patho-physiological reactions. Over a dozen pieces of virtual equipment can be used to perform the medical procedure. The Virtual I.V. Self-Directed Learning System records and evaluates students' performance and presents a thorough debriefing following each case. The debriefing gives students both positive reinforcement, as well as clear instruction that can be used to improve their abilities and their training.



Each computer in the Clinical Informatics Center is equipped with Microsim Inhospital, a computer based self-directed learning system for emergency medicine and patient care. The software contains patient scenarios based on specific learning objectives for training in medical knowledge, problem solving and decision making.